NetKids Digital Entertainment Network is one of the most comprehensive kids app available in the App Store… This is definitely one your kids will enjoy.

If you are looking for a new digital library for your child, I would definitely suggest checking out the free trial!  I will be enjoying this app with my 4 year old son for sure!

This app is being brought by a developer with a history of good product and licensing to use very popular and beloved characters that are classic and newer to the scene…

This is the perfect app for a flight, long car trip or a time when you know that you will need access to an app without having to worry about getting on wi-fi.

NetKids brings hours of fun, age-appropriate entertainment in one convenient app…. Recommended for ages 2-9.

[a] high quality resource you would want to be using in the classroom

Children who are fans of the How to Train Your Dragon movie series will have fun with Cupcake Digital’s How to Train Your Dragon 2 (Official Storybook App).

Strawberry Shortcake Summer Fun is based on the premise that the girls’ trip to Berry Breezy Resort is cancelled because of high winds.

…the variations will keep early learners listening and repeating.

The assembly line offers some creative options and the racing game builds hand eye coordination and quick thinking.

Parent's Choice: Wubbzy's Racecar