Try These DIYs to Beat the Heat all Summer Long!

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It’s warming up in most parts of the country, and a couple of summer heats waves are reportedly on the horizon!

Don’t get caught unawares as the temperatures star to rise. Instead, try one of these fun DIYs with your kids this weekend to make sure you’re all prepared for the warm days ahead!

DIY Neck Coolers:

These reusable coolers soak up water and evaporate them slowly on your neck as the day goes by. Your kids can pick out their own fabrics, and they’ll have customized coolers to keep them cool wherever they go all summer long!

Make Ice Cream:

Kids love ice cream, so why not make some to cool them off from the inside out? This recipe for cookie dough flavored ice cream looks healthy AND delicious, but you can easily find a recipe for your own favorite flavors online! (Bonus: this recipe includes a fun hands on method to get the kids active while they’re making their treats!)

Stay cool in the Car:

Cars can get REALLY warm in the summer, and this great DIY from Today is the Best Day is a great way to ensure your kids stay cool and comfortable in their car seats on hot summer days. If you have older kids, they’d love to help out with this craft to help keep their younger siblings cool!

If you’re looking for more ways to enjoy your summer, be sure to download Strawberry Shortcake Summer Fun today!!

What are your favorite ways to beat the heat? Leave a comment below, or tell us on twitter @cupcake_digital!

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