Staying Home for the Summer Doesn’t Have to Be Boring

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Planning a low-key summer break this year? As much fun as it is to have the kids in a bunch of activities, or even sleep-away camp, sometimes it’s nice to just take it easy for a couple of months. Staying home doesn’t have to mean having a boring summer though! Check out a few quick tips we’ve pulled together to help you and your kids make the most of your summer break.

Get Outside and Play:

In the clip below, Laurie Schacht of The Toy Insider demos some of the best new toys for kids to play with outside this summer. If your kids won’t be involved in more formal summer activities, it’s a good idea to buy a few of these fun and innovative toys to keep them active on a nice summer day.



Create a Summer Reading Challenge for your Kids:

A long summer vacation can sometimes cause kids to regress in their reading skills by the time the school year rolls around. To prevent this, grab some books from this great summer reading list by Imagination Soup and organize a reading challenge. Get together a group of siblings, cousins or maybe just kids around the neighborhood and offer an incentive for the child who reads the most books at their level by the end of the summer.

Sign up for NetKids:

Our newest product is absolutely perfect for a low-key summer break. With one subscription to NetKids, your kids get unlimited access to hours of video and dozens of narrated storybooks that would be great for a cloudy day inside. Because everything in NetKids is curated especially for children, you can be confident that your kids won’t access any inappropriate content and with weekly updates they’ll be entertained all summer! Start your free trial today!

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