Road Trip Must Haves for the Summer

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Road trip season is upon us! Whether you’re gathering the kids up for a four hour drive to visit the grandparents, or you’ve been planning an epic multi-state journey, the number one rule of road tripping with the kids is to always be prepared! From snacks, boredom killers, nap time supplies, and more, we’ve pulled together tips from all over the web to help you prepare for your next summer adventure!

  • Sunscreen

Safety first! Even if you’ll be in the car for long stretches of time, it is still possible to get sunburn from leaning on the windows or having your windows open, so be sure to layer on the sunscreen during the day. This list from has nine of the best sunscreens for kids. Read through the recommendations to figure out the best sunscreen for your family.

  • Snacks and Water

Stopping every few hours for food and drinks can really slow down your progress. Be sure to pack snacks and drinks to satisfy any hunger cravings you and the kids might get between meal stops. Stuffed Suitcase, an awesome blog full of clever family-related travel tips, has a great list of 16 snack foods that are perfect for a long stretch of driving.

  • A Good Driving Plan:

Kids can get fussy during road trips, so it’s important to make some plans to stave of tantrums before they happen. An article on the Huffington Post has a clever recommendation for kids who might get a little cranky on a log ride: If your kids still take regular naps, try to plan travel times during nap times. This is perfect for shorter trips because by the time you get on the road, the kids will be ready to settle in for a nap, and they’ll be nice and refreshed by the time you reach your destination!

Another tip to help antsy kids is to make a map of your journey. Kids Activities Blog  suggests that you “create your trip map and track it with the kids.  You could add a “treasure map” component by rewarding checkpoints along your trip.  As you reach certain points they can get a toy/snack.  This teaches them map skills while also occupying them with toys and the anticipation of the destination.” This is also a great way to always have a response to the common question: “are we there yet?”

  • An organized, Kid-Friendly Space

This DIY idea from Pretty Prudent shows you how to make activity trays for your kids can draw, play games, and eat in the car without creating a mess. The trays also come with a pillow that’s perfect for nap time!

  • An all in One Entertainment Source

Once you’ve figured out all of the basics, it’s time to plan for fun! If you haven’t already, make sure you download NetKids for access to hundreds of narrated story books and hours of video.  The best part is, videos and books are available even when you’re not connected to the internet, so the kids will be able to read with and watch their favorite characters wherever you are! Start your 7-Day Free trial today!

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