Kid Friendly Cookbooks to Help Your Little Ones Become Master Chefs!

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While we all know that the dinner table is one of the most important places for family bonding, the kitchen can be too! In addition to
growing your own fruits and vegetables, a great way to bond with your kids is to encourage them to get cooking and learn how to make some of their favorite foods.
Even very young kids can help out in the kitchen by mixing, pouring, and helping you to carry things around the kitchen! Lots of cookbooks cater specifially to kids by making their favorite recipes simple and easy to understand.  One of our favorites is
Sesame Street Let’s Cook!, which is full of recipes for kids of all ages and skill levels, and the best part is, the recipes come with a side of Elmo!
Check below for more kid friendly cookbook suggestions!

The Disney Princess Cookbook: The perfect choice for the princess lover in your life, this book has recipes inspired by your favorite Disney characters, and it features kid friendly tips and beautiful images of each recipe.

Kids’ Fun and Healthy Cookbook: Focused on healthy eating, this coobook is a great way to help kids understand the effects of certain foods on their bodies while they learn to make some of their favorite foods in a healthy way! The simple recipes in this book are best suited to kids ages 7-10

Eating the Alphabet: While not quite a cookbook, this classic and fun boardbook teaches kids about fruits and vegetables while weaving in a lesson on Upper and Lowercase letters. Perfect for toddlers just learning their letters!

New Junior Cook Book: Published by Better Homes and Gardens, this book has recipes that will appeal to kids of all ages from 5-12! This book also has fun tips for kids to put their own unique spin on the recipes! Perfect for the budding Emril’s in your life 😉

And don’t forget that every chef has to have thier own tools! the Curious Chef Kids 6-Piece Fruit and Veggie Prep Kit is the perfect set of tools that are safe and effective for little ones to have fun in the kitchen!

And, if you’re not in the mood to clean up the kitchen after the kids create their next masterpiece, try downloading one of our most popular apps, Lalaloopsy Diner, for a mess-free cooking extravaganza!

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