How to celebrate team USA’s World Cup Victory!

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We’re sure you’ve heard the news! The US Women’s Soccer team has proven their position as the best in the world as Women’s World Cup Champions, and Americans are celebrating everywhere! From the historical ticker tape parade in new York this week, to tweets, posts, and articles floating all around the internet, it feels like everyone is experiencing soccer fever!

If you have any budding athletes in your family, the USWNT is an amazing example of female athletes and the value of hard work. Even if your kids have never played soccer before, this is a great time to get them interested! Queue up some footage of the USWNT victories against Germany or Japan to show them how the pros do it and then head outside for a game of your own!

To make things more fun for the kids, have them come up with a team name for your family and think about setting up a mini World Cup Tournament with other families in your neighborhood! This would be a great way to keep the kids active and connected this summer!

When the kids are ready to come inside, you can keep the “football” fun going with a game of Sky Soccer! Soccer is incredibly popular in Brazil, the home of our favorite Blue Macaw, Blu. He and his friends love to get in a game whenever they can, so check them out in RIO 2 Sky Soccer and see if you can pull off a USWNT-style victory against those pesky Red Macaws!

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