Bringing Technology and Teaching Together With Apps for Children

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Today’s children need to learn more than just the “three Rs” in the classroom. There are a whole host of additional skills that come along with being a well-educated individual. One of the most important things a child can learn today is how to use technology. However, many teachers face resistance from parents when they incorporate technology into their classrooms. According to a recent article by Jennifer Carey on the Powerful Learning Practice Network blog, “Every teacher who has attempted to integrate technology into the classroom knows that getting parents on board can sometimes be a challenge.”

Carey uses many different strategies to help parents warm up to the idea of technology in the classroom, from sending home a rubric to sharing her project information with administrators at the school.  To read Carey’s full article, click here.

However, there may be a different strategy in the future. Today’s top app companies are developing educational apps for children at a rapid pace. Children (and parents) today are used to integrating learning with technology.

Educators that want to use top learning apps for kids in the classroom now and not ten years down the road can try many different tactics to increase parental buy-in for their ideas. Try letting parents know you’re planning on including apps for children in your curriculum. Explain which technology skills you hope to teach and what you’re doing to teach them. Talk about the skills you’re going to teach with technology. According to Carey, “While a parent might balk at their child learning to “make a movie,” they all want their child to develop core skill-sets that will help them both in school and “the real world” of college and careers.”


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