Olivia Dreams: An Interactive Storybook

Olivia Dreams: An Interactive Storybook

Join Olivia as she takes you on an interactive journey through her imagination with four original stories. Voiced by comedian Ana Gasteyer, Olivia Dreams features both nighttime and daytime settings and each story has its own activity!


  • Olivia writes a Broadway play! She’s the writer, the director, plays the piano, and of course, is the star!
  • Only Olivia can turn playing in the park in winter into a gold medal. Find out how!
  • Olivia learns about a world famous female pilot in class, then imagines flying to a far away land!
  • Join Olivia and Ian at the beach where they turn into seashell traders, and get yummy ice cream too!


  • Choose bright and cheery ​daytime or soft and soothing ​nighttime narration!
  • Each story comes with robust activities you can play after reading!
  • Bring the stories to life on every page with tappable screen features!


  • Dress up Olivia in any costume you like – then take a picture and share!
  • Tap and lead Olivia across the ice as she skates her way to gold!
  • Soar through the clouds​ with Olivia and a world famous pilot!
  • Draw and write in the beach sand, then watch the wave wash it away!

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